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a picture of the MagnaFlyer display on a computer

What is MagnaFlyer?


Think of it as "Dynamic Magnification" for low vision reading.

Now there's an assistive reading technology for low vision that's portable, unobtrusive, inexpensive and as close as your computer.


MagnaFlyer delivers a new level of efficiency to reading technology. It combines the functions of a screen magnifier with a new kind of display that enables you to read fluidly without concern for manipulating the reading material. Both these capabilities come in one easy to use software that you can use anywhere you'd use a computer.


It's unique patented display technology allows for each word to take up the entire screen. The words are displayed in the same location one at a time with an experience much like watching a movie. This eliminates the need for saccadic scanning and eye movement. Most importantly you can for the first time, choose your own reading speed from 100 to 950 words per minute. All you have to do is click "Play" then sit back and simply watch the screen.


For everyday use MagnaFlyer is an onramp to the internet for those with low vision. It helps to level the playing field. With one click it will convert web pages, electronic text, PDF files and email into a proprietary format for easy reading. There's no special equipment to buy or formatting to do in order to get the benefits.


MagnaFlyer is completely portable. Use it at home, in the class room or at work. All you need is a computer to enhance your reading ability.


MagnaFlyer is inexpensive. It costs hundreds, even thousands of dollars less than other assistive reading technology.

CCTV is expensive, can be cumbersome to use and is best used for "spot reading".


Software magnifier programs, while somewhat less expensive, are designed to enlarge the size of everything on your computer screen for easier visibility. However when you use it for reading, the effect of the text expansion is that fewer characters can be displayed at a time. This in turn requires manual navigation across the screen in order to read. Even though the text is now visible, the trade off is a reduction in your reading speed to somewhere below 40 wpm.


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    MagnaFLyer was developed to serve two equally important purposes

  1. To provide a more efficient means for professional training and vision rehabilitation
  2. To provide to someone with low vision a new tool to enhance their reading ability for every day use

The MagnaFlyer Training Program for vision rehabilitation and training steady eye technique


The MagnaFlyer training program for low vision rehabilitation was created through a collaboration between the Ensight Skills Centers for Low Vision Re habitation and SoftOlogy IdeaWorks.The goal is to provide practitioners an efficient means to provide training in steady eye and eccentric viewing techniques enabling people with eye disease or injury to make the most of their remaining vision.


The MagnaFlyer Program is a combination of a well established protocol of exercises for focused training and the MagnaFlyer display modality to create a consistent training environment. In clinical practice the time required for achieving a successful out come (proficiency in these techniques) is reduced by as much as 50% over paper based training methods.


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The MagnaFlyer display software not only enables reading, it can also accelerate reading speed.

The patented display engine was developed over the course of 10 years from research conducted at major universities into the limits to reading speed. SoftOlogy IdeaWorks incorporated the findings from the lab into a display software that enables anyone to read much faster on a computer screen.


On average, computer reading speed for a normally sighted person is about 100 words per minute. With MagnaFlyer installed reading speed can be accelerated to what ever rate the person chooses. In other words regardless of visual acuity if you can read the MagnaFlyer text display on screen you can dramatically increase your reading speed.


“The very first time I used MagnaFlyer software I was astonished to see my reading speed go from a screen magnification assisted 30 wpm to over 350 wpm almost immediately. Amazingly not only did my speed increase dramatically, but also my level of comprehension. As the founder and Executive Director of Ensight Skills Center for Low Vision Rehabilitation and as someone challenged by Macular Degeneration, I rely on my computer to assist me in conducting the work of the organization. Given the amount of reading I have to do, the ten-fold increase in speed combined with the ease and comfort of MagnaFlyer means I’ve been able to dramatically increase my productivity.”


Denny Moyer BS, COTA, SCLV

Founder and Executive Director
Ensight Skills Centers for Low Vision Rehabilitation.



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