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The Free magnaFlyer Sampler

Free Evaluation Package

The MagnaFlyer Sampler is intended for review by low vision professionals, practitioners and organizations. The package of information, software and exercise examples is designed to provide you with the opportunity to evaluate the MagnaFlyer Training Program and to acquaint you with the efficiency of this new computer based rehabilitation modality. Please click on the items below to see the information and software that comes in the Sampler Folder then...

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What's in the free MagnaFlyer Sampler Folder What is MagnaFlyer Software Instructions Software Installer Folder MagnaFlyer Sampler Tour Guide PDF MagaFlyer Sampler Program  File The MagnaFlyer Printable Cheat Sheet MagnaFlyer Research Documents Folder MagnaFlyer Edition of the Wizard of Oz




Inside The MagnaFlyer Sampler Download Folder...

The purpose of the Sampler is to demonstrate how implementing the MagnaFlyer training program as part of rehabilitation can significantly reduce the time it takes for your clients to reach proficiency in the use of new skills. When you download the sampler folder you will find several items that will give you an in-depth look at the way MagnaFlyer works and how the training is implemented.

The Sampler folder contains two types of materials:

1) Informational documents about MagnaFlyer Training Program, a "Tour Guide" to the Sampler Presentation and installing and using the software

2) The software application and electronic content you will use to view the MagnaFlyer Tour and the sample exercises.

The first document in the folder is called...


What is MagnaFlyer
What is MagnaFlyer?


This is a brief overview of the program's origins and the problem it set out to solve for low vision professionals. You'll find information about the design development, the collaboration between low vision specialists at Ensight Skills Center and the team of technologists and software developers and the clinical experience that led to actual protocol used in the final program.


Software Installation Instructions

Software Installation Instructions and Frequently Asked Questions


The RapidReader application is the software used by MagnaFlyer to display the exercises administered by the practitioner in the training program. It is also used to display the MagnaFlyer Tour and the exercises included in the Sampler.


This RapidReader software is the equivalent of a video player or Power Point used to display specific content and needs to be installed in order to view the presentation. The format for the MagnaFlyer Sampler and the exercises is called a .txv file. Once you have installed the RapidReader application the .txv files can be opened with a simple double-click on the icon. The installation instructions are in this “Software_Instructions.doc” which will open with Microsoft Word. This guide provides you with easy to follow steps to get you up and running with the software as well as important information about system requirements and use.


The installer guide also contains a quick facts overview and answers to frequently asked questions about implementing the program in the rehabilitation environment.

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The display software application installer

The Software Application and Installer Folder


This folder includes the RapidReader for Windows application installer and the local validator utility for the sampler. This allows you access to view the MagnaFlyer content materials. The instructions for both are contained in the “Software_Instructions.doc” file described above.


If you have any questions about the installation please contact support for assistance.


The MagnaFlyer Tour Guide

The MagnaFlyer Tour Guide .pdf


The RapidReader software is also used to display the presentation of the MagnaFlyer_Sampler_prog.txv included in the sampler folder. This .txv program will give you an overview of how and why MagnaFlyer works and includes some examples of the actual exercises as they are used by the practitioner during rehabilitation.


The Tour Guide is a "read along" narrative which explains the elements displayed on the screen and indicates when to move to the next element. It was developed from in-person presentations conducted for professional groups. It is designed as an information source for evaluation and is also suitable for projection when presenting to staff.


The MagnaFlyer_Sampler_prog.txv, after the introductory materials, also includes training exercises representative of the more than 30 that are included in the full rehabilitation program. These samples are drawn from various levels of the sequence contained in the protocol to indicate the progressive nature of the training. There is also an example of a unique tool for comprehension testing called a "Quizzler".


The "Tour Guide" gives you in depth information about the protocol. If you have any questions regarding the use model or implementation in the rehabilitation setting please contact professional support and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.


The Sampler Program Presentation Files


The MagnaFlyer Sampler Program.txv Including Some Example Exercises


The actual software presentation is called the MagnaFlyer_Sampler_prog.txv. To view, once you have installed the RapidReader application, simply double-click on the icon and it will begin the program.


To learn more about the features and functions of the software or If you wish to review or restart at the beginning please refer to the quick start "Cheat Sheet" included with the sampler.


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The MagnaFlyer Cheat Sheet


The MagnaFlyer Cheat Sheet


The Cheat Sheet is a quick-start guide to the using the software's features and functions. With it you can customize the font, reading position, change the speed of the text display, navigate and control many other functions. The cheat sheet is designed to be laminated to always be readily available for reference.


Folder of Support Research


The Supporting Research and Clinical Experience Using MagnaFlyer


This is a folder of core research documents upon which the software is modeled and a field report on its use and the time savings it delivered in the clinical setting.


The MagnaFlyer Edition of the Wizard of Oz


A Chapter From the MagnaFlyer Edition of The Wizard of Oz


This is a chapter excerpt of the special MagnaFlyer edition of the Wizard of Oz for use in literacy development. Although designed for younger readers with low vision it can also be used for adults with below grade reading skills to help build confidence in their ability. It includes the original illustrations from the first print edition, a special imbedded vocabulary builder and a "Quizzler" comprehension test.


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