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MagnaFlyer Training Program Packages


MagnaFlyer is available for direct order as a single seat license through our secure server.

Discounts are available for multiple licenses.

MagnaFlyer price is $249.95 per license

Price USD 249.95 per seat license

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Additional Exercise Packages

The standard MagnaFlyer package contains 30 sequential exercises delivered through three ascending levels of proficiency. The training uses text within the practice protocol and the standard exercise package requires a sight vocabulary equivalent to a fifth grade reading level. The exercises are localized to US English.


New packages are being developed that are appropriate to other grade reading levels and the requirements of non-US locales. Plans currently include third grade level and high school/college prep level reading. These programs will be available in UK English as well as US English


Future products will include non-English versions beginning with German, Spanish and French.


Other packages can be custom built upon request.


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Content for Literacy and Comprehension Training


The MagnaFlyer program is also a publishing platform for educational materials suitable for any age. These MagnaFlyer Editions™ are custom published to focus on literacy building for learners with low vision. These are self-contained, interactive "high interest-low vocabulary" stories, articles and books that are viewed with MagnaFlyer's assistive reading technology. This allows for a unique form of self-reinforcing comprehension testing that can enable the student to move at their own speed. The accelerated reading capacity creates an engaging, immersive experience which allows for more exposure to practice material in less time.

To Request Information on MagnaFlyer Editions Please Click Here:MagnaFlyer Pricing

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Additional Professional Training Courses

MagnaFlyer offers video and web based training for practitioners and organizations to expand implementation or train new care givers in administering the technology.


Option 1:

A live one day web-administered interactive course.

Topics include:

Understanding the foundation of the MagnaFlyer protocol


Optimizing the learning environment

Set up of the MagnaFlyer tools

Engaging with the client

Customizing MagnaFlyer for each client

The MagnaFlyer Exercises: A use description of each

Administering in the Learning Environment

Observational cues

Reinforcing Success


Option 2:

A non-interactive video presentation of the materials covered in the class for inclusion in your training library.


Additional video and web based training materials are also available


To Request Information on MagnaFlyer Professional Training Please Click Here:MagnaFlyer Pricing




If you have other questions please email us.Click for  more information about school staff training services


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