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MagnaFLyer for Students with Low Vision

Leveling the Playing Field in the Classroom and at Home

I f you're a parent, teacher or service provider you know how important assistive tech can be for the success of a child with low vision. MagnaFlyer combines the benefits of magnification with a new technology for accelerated reading.


In the educational setting MagnaFlyer functions as an unobtrusive assistive reading technology requiring only a standard laptop computer. It’s purpose is to optimize the display for readers with low vision enabling greater ease and speed for any text that can be displayed on a computer screen. Currently much of the curriculum in K-12 and beyond relies on electronic delivery via web pages, PDF files, and other forms of text. That adoption is expanding. In this context, MagnaFlyer is a means of accommodation for students with low vision to meet the changing educational landscape. It is not intended to serve as a tool for vision therapy or rehabilitation but as an enabling technology for the student’s every day use.


The display technology renders the text as if it were a movie. The student simply has to sit a comfortable distance from the computer and "watch" the screen. The font size is adjustable and because of the unique nature of the display each word can occupy the entire screen. Unlike traditional magnification technologies there is no compromise in efficiency, no manipulation of materials and no scrolling.


Capability Beyond Magnification


The biggest difference however is that with MagnaFlyer the reader can control their own reading speed from 100 to 950 wpm. Functionally the software not only makes the print easier to see, it's patented "hands free" display automatically places each word in sequence in the same location on the screen. No saccadic movement of the eye is required. The rhythm of the display is controlled by the patented "Human Cadence™" technology. This adds a cognitive and comfort benefit by delivering the words in the natural rhythms of human speech.


With Traditional magnification the practical reading speed is limited to only about 30 words per minute. At speeds that slow there is a concern that the student's attention will wander and retention will suffer. With MagnaFlyer, once the reading environment is optimized for the student the computer does all the work. The student can then decide for themselves how fast they want to read.


    Average reading speed on a computer for normally sighted individuals is 100 wpm

    Typical reading speed with magnification software or CCTV is about 30 wpm

    Typical reading speed with MagnaFlyer 300-500 wpm


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MagnaFlyer at School

MagnaFlyer comes with a complete training program which can be administered by school staff in a brief orientation session as part of the normal services provided to the student. In this case, the exercise protocol is not used as a medium for vision therapy but a way for the student to become familiar with the unique nature of the display and the software. As they become acquainted with the reading experience, they will also learn how to customize the software and change the display speed to best suit their reading.

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Using MagnaFlyer at Home: an Onramp to the Internet

Outside the classroom, accessing the electronic resources needed to complete school work assignments is accomplished in the same way as for any other student. No special considerations are necessary. The difference is that those materials can now be displayed in a fashion optimized for low vision reading. The software engine supports most electronic file types such as web pages, PDF files, MS Word documents and can instantly convert them into the MagnaFlyer display with a single click. From there the student is in complete control of the reading speed and other elements of the reading experience. MagnaFlyer enables the child to read the same materials required of his fellow students while immediately increasing the student's ease and reading speed.


MagnaFLyer and Distance Learning or Home Schooling

There is an enormous number of distance learning courses delivered via computer and even mobile phones. They span the educational requirements of virtually any profession, vocation and grade level imaginable. This technology gives students across the globe the opportunity to learn from the best programs and schools no matter where they are on the planet. For the student with low vision MagnaFlyer provides an ideally suited conduit for study. It has a wealth of features including notes, highliting and tools for assistance in creating reports and fulfilling assignments. All of these features are customizable to meet the preferences of each student.


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