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Benefits of MagnaFlyer for your organization

The Benefits of MagnaFlyer for Your Organization


For organizations providing low vision services and rehabilitation, managing the scarce resources needed to deliver high quality care can be a great challenge. Staff, materials, clinical space and most importantly time, frequently seem to be in short supply. Along with gathering resources, the logistics of delivering services is also a constant concern. Scheduling the sessions, allocating practitioner time and facilities at times becomes a balancing act.


Technology as a "resource multiplier" for your organization

By moving to a computer based training model MagnaFlyer is able to give your low vision professionals new tools for efficiency at every stage of the training experience. It is easy and inexpensive to deploy to your organization. The program and software require very little in staff training to get up and running and during a session MagnaFlyer is very user-friendly. The difference MagnaFlyer and previous training methods is that by using the power of the computer to display the exercises on screen a tremendous level of flexibility is available to the trainer for customizing the learning experience.


For the client, no computer skills are necessary, all they need to do is follow the guidance of the care giver. The practitioner can easily individualize the display of the training materials for each client knowing that the software will automatically provide consistency throughout the training protocol. The “one-click” ease of accessing the sequenced material means a more fluid and structured training session with less down-time between exercises. That in turn helps maintain the focus of both the trainer and the client on progress rather than on the implementation of the exercises.

Simply put, MagnaFlyer saves time and resources in building client skill. When compared with print-on-paper methods it virtually eliminates the set up time and typical materials management required of the care giver. Because virtually everything needed for training is contained in the program, MagnaFlyer is a completely portable solution. It can be implemented in almost any setting. All that’s required is a laptop computer to deliver training in the clinic or the field.


How MagnaFlyer can assist in meeting your organizational mission...

  • Easy to implement and deploy throughout organization
  • Short training cycle for staff
  • Reduction of transitional down-time between sessions
  • Highly portable training environment
  • Fast, easy set up
  • Easily individualized for each client session
  • Standardized client training for repeatable success
  • Elimination of print and copying costs
  • Electronically up-datable protocol and materials across the entire organization


The key advantage of this new technology is more care and better outcomes for your clients in less time.


This new technology teaches the skill building techniques used successfully for years while reducing client training time by as much as 50%... 


“From the Pilot Program we discovered that MagnaFlyer offers a unique set of capabilities for efficiently training Steady-Eye technique. The program’s text display and control features allow for an easily customizable training environment for each client. Combined with the inherent portability of a laptop, the software dramatically reduces the amount of time required for set up and the cost of materials. However the main benefit is that the efficiency when administering the training exercises results in a significantly faster acquisition of Steady Eye skills for the client.”


Cori Layton OTR, LVS

Director of Rehabilitation for Ensight Low Vision Skills Center