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MagnaFlyer benefits for the client

The Two-Fold Benefit Of MagnaFLyer for Your Clients


A Shorter Path to Proficiency in the Training Environment Plus
Assistive Reading Technology for Home, School or Work


In the training environment...

As your client enters rehabilitation the MagnaFlyer training program enables them to reduce the time it takes to develop new skills for optimizing their vision. The more quickly they become proficient in these techniques, the sooner they can begin using them to enhance their independence in the activities of daily living. Learning steady eye technique provides far reaching and immediate benefits well beyond reading. The ability to habitually bring their best vision to a task makes everything from navigating, managing medications, cooking, watching television and a host of other activities far easier.


MagnaFlyer enables this accelerated learning not only in the formal training setting but also by providing exercises and technology for the client to practice between sessions. This allows for the client to maintain progress and gain confidence in their abilities. The result is a successful outcome in less time.


Assistive reading technology in the home...


When they've transitioned their new skills from the clinic to the home they can take MagnaFlyer with them. When it comes to reading having MagnaFlyer available on a computer in the home at school or work adds to the power of steady eye technique .
In other words, the same advantage that the display delivered for practice during training also applies to everyday reading.


Optimizing the display for low vision


The MagnaFlyer software can reformat virtually anything that can be read on a computer screen into it's unique assistive display. For anyone with sufficient visual acuity to see the portion of the screen where the words are displayed it levels the playing field for reading electronically. MagnaFlyer quite simply has a multiplier effect on the skills the client now possesses. Because it reduces the effort required for reading, fatigue is less likely to interfere with the enjoyment of a good story or gathering information. It opens the door to the wealth of resources on the Internet. The books, news, education and social activities so much a part of our modern lives are now accessible to a low vision reader with a single click of the software.


The fastest growing segment of computer users is the senior. Millions use it everyday to stay in touch with family and friends, keep up with the news and pursue personal, educational or professional interests. Now those with low vision can use the combination of Steady eye skills and MagnaFlyer to participate fully in the world of the Internet and all it has to offer.
Computer use has in reality become a significant component of the activities of daily living for most of us.
By the time the client completes their training in steady eye viewing they have also learned how to use MagnaFlyer to assist their reading. Even without any previous computer training the client's been exposed to how a new technology can enhance their reading skills. The MagnaFlyer package includes a software installer and a complete user's guide for the client so they can continue to have the benefit of technology at home.




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