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Information about the MagnaFlyer Blog

Coming Soon!


A Blog About and for the Low Vision Community.

News and more about organizations, research, products and developments to keep you informed.


Stop in regularly to catch up with news from around the world and share with others what's new in your world.


We are developing a Blog and news feed which will focus on the issues relevant to vision. It's a place to share and contribute to the low vision community. We invite professionals, volunteers, care givers and people with low vision to give others the benefit of their knowledge and experience.


If you'd like to be contacted when the news feed launches please let us know.



The Staff at MagnaFlyer


    The Blog will feature stories and articles about:

  • people making a difference
  • rehabilitation practicum
  • professional training
  • low vision and education
  • advice for managing low vision
  • improving quality of life
  • resources for family
  • community involvement
  • social opportunities
  • related health information

  • Plus tips and how-to's for increasing independence at home, school and in the work place.





Please Notify Me When the Blog is Available


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