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About MagnaFlyer



• MagnaFlyer™ is a cost effective, easy to use, portable solution for training Steady-Eye Viewing Techniques.


• MagnaFlyer is a new, patented technology for reducing training time and resource requirements while improving client outcome.


• MagnaFlyer is a powerful practice environment for “between training sessions” use in the home.


• MagnaFlyer is an assistive reading technology for your client’s everyday use at home, school or work.



About the MagnaFlyer Family of Products


MagnaFlyer is a computer based program for training steady eye and eccentric viewing technique to those with low vision. It is a self contained all-in-one teaching environment that combines a series of sequential exercises with a uniquely efficient display methodology. It’s designed specifically to quickly build your a rehabilitation client's reading skills and confidence as part of a comprehensive low vision rehabilitation program.


MagnaFlyer was developed over the course of three years at SoftOlogy IdeaWorks in conjunction with a team of low vision specialists from Ensight Skills Centers for Low Vision Rehabilitation. The purpose is to give care providers an easy to implement tool to make training faster and more convenient than with the use of print materials. All that’s necessary to achieve results is a computer or laptop.


The goal is to enable more care for more people in less time.


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    Why MagnaFlyer?

    • Easy portability

    • Reduced set up time

    • Eliminates the need for paper exercise materials

    • Consistent and reproducible results

    • Flexibility in training environments


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