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Introducing A New Kind of Technology for Accelerating Low Vision Rehabilitation

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MagnaFlyer™ is a complete computer program for training Steady Eye and Eccentric Viewing techniques


Optimizing Remaining Vision...

More than 85% of people with a visual impairment still have significant, useful, remaining sight.

For someone with low vision learning new skills and strategies for improving their ability to read, participate with family and friends and manage every day tasks can be a key to remaining fully engaged in life.


For an organization providing visual rehabilitation and training the goal is to enable their clients to strengthen their independence and enhance quality of life.


MagnaFlyer™ is a next generation learning environment that gives practitioners a new kind of tool to accelerate training by applying the ease and efficiency of technology to the established methods used in rehabilitation practice.


Steady eye and eccentric viewing are rehabilitation techniques taught all over the world for enabling those with low vision to maximize their useful sight. Once someone learns these techniques they have a powerful new set of strategies for all sorts of activities of daily living; reading, watching TV, using a computer, managing medications, and cooking as well as navigating in the outside world. This is where MagnaFlyer™ comes in. It is a unique computer based program created specifically to reduce the training time it takes for your client to have the proficiency they need to readily use these skills in their daily lives.


Technology that's proven to save time


The MagnaFlyer program is designed to be administered by a practitioner, mentor or caregiver who has been trained in its use. In clinical practiceLinks to Information Pages the use of the software has been shown to dramatically reduce the time it takes for the client to achieve a successful outcome in their command of the techniques. MagnaFlyer contains a complete protocol of sequential skill building exercises derived from widely used materials for visual rehabilitation. These are displayed on a computer screen using a patented assistive reading technology. This combination provides consistency and easy repeatability of practice for the client while eliminating the need for the practitioner to manipulate paper based materials.


For your client this means that they can sooner begin to use this training in their daily lives. For your organization this efficiency means that your training resources can reach more people.


Some facts about MagnaFlyer

  • MagnaFlyer is an easy-to-use, efficient solution for mentored low vision rehabilitation training
  • It was designed by low vision specialists to reduce training time in teaching steady eye and eccentric viewing techniques
  • It's a complete, self-contained, "turn-key" program: includes the sequential exercise materials and the optimized display software.
  • It’s inexpensive, completely portable needing only a laptop computer to deliver training in any setting
  • It replaces the time-consuming paper-based training that had previously been the standard.
  • It's user-friendly and requires very little staff training time
  • It includes a complete "Trainers Handbook" and support
  • The learning environment requires no computer skills on the part of the client
  • Post-training the software can be installed on the client's home computer for ongoing assistance for reading on line.

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MagnaFlyer doesn't stop with training. It becomes reading assistance for every day use.

While it is not initially intended as a self-administered program without guidance, the client will also learn how to use the software for self-paced practice sessions. Then, post-training, the MagnaFlyer software can be installed as a “stand-alone” assistive reading technology for use on their computer at home, work or school.


What is MagnaFlyer?

MagnaFlyer™ is Actually Two Powerful Programs in One Package...
• A teaching environment for a new level of speed and efficiency in visual rehabilitation
• A patented assistive reading technology for daily use in the home


Each individual is of course, unique in the way they adapt to the circumstances of their diagnosis. Most will have learned through personal experience how to create some level of accommodation to compensate for their impaired vision. However whether they are children or adults this ability can be substantially refined becoming a reliable skill for enhancing their independence no matter their stage of life. A widely used and well studied method of optimizing remaining sight is called steady eye technique. It may also be combined with training in other strategies like eccentric viewing to address individual diagnostic characteristics. Gaining proficiency in these skills requires training by a low vision professional and practice by the client for learning how to dependably employ these techniques to enhance their independence. ...MoreLinks to Information Pages


What is the MagnaFlyer Training Program for Vision Rehabilitation?

MagnaFlyer™ was developed over the course of three years by a team of low vision professionals at Ensight Skills Centers for Visual Rehabilitation and technologists at SoftOlogy IdeaWorks....MoreLinks to Information Pages


New Technology Creates New Efficiencies for Organizations

MagnaFlyer provides a complete learning environment that enables a new level of efficiency for both the the practitioner and the client. The practitioner benefits because their expertise and focus can be devoted to the client rather than on manipulating practice materials. The client benefits because they can achieve a successful outcome in much less time. And your organization benefits because you can deliver more care to more people without additional resources. MagnaFlyer is training tool that delivers a widely used and well established protocol of training materials in a new way using methods that couldn't have existed before the advent of the computer. As a result, effective training is faster, less resource intensive and more cost effective than previous methods....MoreLinks to Information Pages


Delivering Training to the Client: Consistency, Customization and More Practice Opportunities

The nature of the MagnaFlyer System is that the practice and repetition necessary for skill building can be delivered with consistency in text placement and speed. MagnaFlyer inherently places the each word in the same location on the screen. This creates the means for the client to consistently habituate their gaze. This standardized protocol frees the practitioner from having to manually manipulate materials for practice while delivering more practice opportunities per session for the client. The trainer can also easily and quickly customize the learning environment for each client and repeat that environment for each successive session. This newfound capability means that there is virtually no time required for set up or materials preparation so more time per session can be devoted to training and practice.


Magnaflyer at Home: Patented Text Presentation Empowers On-screen Reading.

Beyond the display of the training protocol MagnaFlyer is also a powerful assistive reading technology on it's own. The patented display engine combines, in one inexpensive package, capabilities that used to require several different products. It is uniquely suited to steady eye presentation, it automatically magnifies text, requires no scanning across the screen and it enables the user to select their own reading speed from 100 to 900 words per minute. Having MagnaFlyer assistive reading technology on any computer means that virtually anything that can be read on screen can be converted automatically for display in MagnaFlyer. For web pages, MS Word documents, PDF files and email the MagnaFlyer software does the work of formatting and displaying the information directly from the original file. Now any computer can be quickly and easily optimized for readers with low vision. ...MoreLinks to Information Pages


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See how it works, the science behind its technology and the benefits it delivers to your organization, your professional staff and your clients.



MagnaFlyer's features and functions mean more people can receive the rehabilitation training they need in less time.


This new technology teaches the skill building techniques used successfully for years while reducing client training time by as much as 50%... 


“From the Pilot Program we discovered that MagnaFlyer offers a unique set of capabilities for efficiently training steady eye and eccentric viewing techniques. The program’s text display and control features allow for an easily customizable training environment for each client. Combined with the inherent portability of a laptop, the software dramatically reduces the amount of time required for set up and the cost of materials. However the main benefit is that the efficiency when administering the training exercises results in a significantly faster acquisition of steady eye skills for the client.”


Cori Layton OTR, LVS

Director of Rehabilitation for Ensight Low Vision Skills Center


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